Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Beast

Here's a first  thought about the beast of Beeston.

I've not gone out to Beeston yet, so it's not come out of any drawing that i've done in situe.
As a result it may well change quite a bit once I've been there and done that.


  1. A couple of recent conversations have fed into the drawing though.
    Firstly, some stuff that Andrew Grinnell was telling me about the Leeds Poverty Truth group and the work that they're doing...

  2. ...and then secondly, the idea of the big, bad wolf - what that represents in fairy tales, and the idea of subverting the traditional expectations and roles in those familiar tales, looking at them in different ways and finding new truths in them.

    I was chatting with Mike Love about the reintroduction of wolves to american parks, and how that's rescued the ecosystems there -

    It seems that there's some disagreement about the validity of this, but as a metaphor for the city it's interesting - Mike was talking about the wolves that we might want to reintroduce into the city to restore the balance...

  3. [...and then lastly, the beast's front left leg there probably needs redrawing!]